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Pre-pregnancy planning

We often get asked about the value of pre-pregnancy planning.  Many couples find it can be a useful tool for them as it provides an opportunity to work through any health concerns they may.  It provides couples with the chance for a specialist to investigate these issues and improve their chances of becoming pregnant.

Many people are not aware of the importance that their past medical history and genetics, and that of their partners, can have on achieving a pregnancy. Further to this, optimising current health and wellbeing can mitigate potential risks and allow a plan of management to be put in place.  

During a pre-pregnancy consultation, some main areas of discussion include fertility advice and management, early pregnancy assessment, review of past and present health, including medication and supplements; and lifestyle issues such as diet and exercise. 

A key benefit of this consultation is to understand the screening options available throughout pregnancy and what can be expected in the first trimester.  Along with further assessments that will be required such as blood tests, ultrasounds and fetal monitoring.  There are additional screening options available to assess the health of your child, but only some of these may suit your circumstances.

Contact Dr Guy Skinner – the specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist in Melbourne and his expert team will assist you with any question you may have regarding pre pregnancy, maternity programs, high risk pregnancy, gynaecology, choice of hospitals  and more. Choose the right obstetrician to start your pregnancy journey smoothly.

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