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Fertility Issues

Trouble Conceiving

You may hear people talking about this as sub-fertility. 

The first thing to know is, there is no normal. Different women, and different couples, have very different experiences.

Subfertility simply means you and your partner are taking longer to conceive than the average time. It can often take up to six months for a couple to fall pregnant, especially when the couple are older than 35 years.

There is always a sense of time pressure, especially for older couples, however there is often a simple cause. If you have been trying for longer than six months, and certainly longer than a year, there may be other issues at play which are worth investigating.

The cause of subfertility

Guy will review your medical history and try to  identify anything which might contribute to your conception challenge. Other medical conditions – either current or past – can impact your chances of falling pregnant. Guy will also take into consideration your partner’s medical history, to see if there is anything relevant there which might provide clues. 

Menstrual tracing apps can be an invaluable first step. They can help you work out the patterns of your cycle and the most reliable times to try. Given different women experience their periods in different ways, looking for other tell-tale physical or emotional responses to where you are in your cycle can also provide clues for when the best time to try is.


You don’t need to go straight to IVF

While this can be very effective for many couples, it is certainly not the first option. Guy can take you through various options to consider, such as taking an ovulation stimulating medication and reviewing the fallopian tubes. These are just two. There are other options which will depend on your personal situation. Guy can also help you understand the risks and benefits of all options  so you can decide what is your best course of action .

There are a number of simple tests we can conduct which can check off the basic fundamentals. These will help you understand if you do need to progress to IVF or if there are other, simpler, solutions, as mentioned above, to your fertility challenge.


There are any number of issues which might prevent you from falling pregnant.

While it’s frustrating and, at times, scary to deal with any condition which makes it hard to fall pregnant, Guy has over 20 years dealing with fertility, including all gynaecological and obstetric issues.

Sometimes there are medical issues which stop you falling pregnant. 

Some of the main issues that can be attributed to infertility and can be managed are:

  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Endometriosis
  • Hypothalamic amenorrhoea
  • Fibroids
  • Ovarian cysts

Each of these can be treated. Please schedule an appointment with Dr Guy Skinner to understand if you do have one of these conditions and, if so, what you can do to have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Not always.

While not being able to fall pregnant can be very concerning, you may not need to resort to IVF.

Dr Guy Skinner has over two decades of experience with infertility issues and may be able to help you conceive, and carry a baby to term, without needing IVF.  If this is not the case Guy works closely with a group of highly specialised IVF doctors who can assist if required.

Please schedule an appointment with Guy to discuss your pregnancy history and possible ways forward.