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About Circumcisions 

Circumcision is a procedure to remove the foreskin of the penis to expose the glans permanently.  


Around 20% of boys in Australia are circumcised while, around the world, the number sits at around 30%. This is mostly the result of religious and cultural practices.


There are a number of reasons you may want your son circumcised. It’s important to note this is your decision, and we respect your right to choose what’s right for your son.

It is a simple operation which can be performed in the first few weeks after birth with local anaesthetic.

Guy has performed hundreds of neonatal circumcisions over twenty years. He prefers to use the plastibel ™ technique. This method avoids the use of scalpels and involves a specially-formed plastic bell being placed around the glans and a ring then placed around the base of the foreskin. This then cuts off the blood supply to the foreskin and allows the foreskin to drop off naturally after seven to ten days.

To Circumcise or Not

There are arguments for or against circumcision, and it’s fair to say even the medical profession has quite differing views. 

In the USA the Centers for Disease Control and College of Paediatrics both suggest a distinct health advantage to circumcision. In the UK, the College of Physicians doesn’t support this view.

It comes down to your preference and what you believe is right for your son.

Guy is able to talk you through all the reasons for and against circumcision and can provide perspectives based on his extensive experience with the surgery and with other families who have been faced with the same experience.

Circumcisions For Older Boys

Circumcisions can be performed at any age although, the older the boy is, this is usually only done for health reasons. For example, a small percentage of boys require it due to complications from infections, or due to scarring of the meatus (the hole at the end of the penis).  

If the boy is older, he will require a general anaesthetic.

Please note: Guy does not perform circumcisions on older boys, but can recommend a highly skilled paediatric surgeon should you require one.