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Since 1995, Guy has helped deliver over 13,000 babies.

From pre-pregnancy consultations, to addressing the conditions which may stop women falling pregnant, to delivering the baby, Guy has seen almost every condition. He understands and is able to treat the physical reasons which may affect your pregnancy. And he, and our midwives, understand the emotional impact of a pregnancy and can give you the information you need to understand what’s happening, and why. And help you understand what options you have. And what your best course of action should be.

We want your pregnancy experience to be a positive one.

Our focus is always on your health, and the health of your baby.

Our obstetrics services include:

Dealing with miscarriage

Helping you understand the likelihood of a miscarriage, and helping you know what your future pregnancy options are should you miscarry.

High Risk Pregnancy

Helping you understand the potential impact on your health and your baby’s health because of pre-existing conditions or issues that emerge during pregnancy.

Cervical insufficiency

From the tests needed to check for the risk of your cervix affecting your pregnancy to the possible management options to help you deal with this throughout your pregnancy.

Vaginal birth after caesarean section

Many women who become pregnant after a caesarean section worry they may not be able to have a vaginal birth. The good news is, barring complications from your c-section, you can most likely expect to be able to have a natural birth experience if you wish.

Breech presentation

Should your baby be a breech baby, there are many options available to you. Guy will discuss with you each one and ensure you have the information you need to be most confident about the choices you make.

Multiple pregnancy

If you’re at all concerned about the added implications of being pregnant with twins or triplets, Guy can help you understand all the potential issues, and provide solutions for each one.

If you are faced with any of these, or any other obstetric issue, Guy will be able to explain what is happening, and what you can best expect going forwards.


As soon as possible. We recommend you book-in to see Guy when you are between 8 to 10 weeks pregnant. Or 4 weeks after your last, missed period. This allows us to do an accurate dating scan. A dating scan helps us establish the exact age of your baby, and will give you your most likely due date. 

Unless you have been told by Guy, you will not need a scan before this time as, if the scan is done too early, Guy will not be able to see the baby properly.

No. The dating scan will be conducted as part of your first visit.

None. You won’t require any blood tests before seeing Guy. During your first visit, Guy will discuss your health history and determine what tests you might need. If you do need blood tests before your next visit, please ensure you allow a few days between having the test and coming in.

Please note: if you have had some tests or scans completed prior to your first visit please bring these with or forward them to our rooms.

You will still receive some of the best obstetric or gynaecological care in Melbourne. Guy is part of a roster of five highly qualified and highly experienced doctors who all provide cover for each other. regular They are Dr Lionel Steinberg, Dr David O’Callaghan, Dr Megan Di Quinzio and Dr Tom Cade. 

Should Guy be away during your regular scheduled visits, Guy will ensure the consulting doctor understands your needs and any specific requirements or conditions you may have. 

The consulting doctor will be one of these doctors.

If you are due to give birth while Guy is scheduled away, or if there is a chance you’ll give birth during this time, Guy will let you know, and introduce you to the obstetrician who’ll be looking after you. 

He will also ensure the consulting Obstetrician knows your details and is aware of your information before he leaves.

Guy is part of a roster of some of Melbourne’s best Obstetricians and Gynaecologists who cover for each other at times like these. Each of these doctors is highly experienced and will be able to help you through the birth.

Guy will check-in with you, and the rostered obstetrician, when he returns. To see how you’re going. To see how your new baby is. And to understand how the birth went.

In all probability, Guy will deliver your baby. He delivers over 96% of his patient’s babies. Guy will also manage the birth, ensuring everything you’re likely to need for your specific needs during birth is available. If he is away when you give birth, you’ll have a one of the highly-qualified Obstetricians on our roster on hand.  

You’ll have between 9 to 12 visits. 

This is an average, and can change if you go into labour early. Or late.

If you have complications, you may need to be seen more often, but Guy will make sure you understand what you’re likely to need so you can plan accordingly.

It depends on which maternity program you choose.

We have two programs: Maternity One and Maternity Plus. 

With Maternity One, you’ll see Guy at every visit (up to 12 times, unless you have complications which require seeing him more often). The Maternity One Program covers the costs of all visits.

With Maternity Plus, you’ll see Guy at least four times and, on your other regular visits, see one of our private practice midwives.

Should you wish to have the occasional additional visits with Guy, not covered by our maternity programs, these can arranged for an additional fee.