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Dr Guy Skinner – Pain Relief in Pregnancy

Dr Guy Skinner – My views on Birth

Dr Guy Skinner gives us his insight into tonight’s operation

Dr Guy Skinner – Interview Miracle Hospital 2

Fathers Day at St Vincent's Private Hospital Melbourne

Dr Guy Skinner gives us his insight into tonight’s operation

‘Elderly mothers’ faring better than you might expect.

They are called elderly primiparae. Women who fall pregnant for the first time over the age of 35. Or in Rhondalynn Korolak’s​ case, an extremely elderly primipara, given her first-born arrived when she was aged 46.


Epidurals: could they prevent post natal depression?

In this Babytalk podcast we speak to Professor Wang about his findings and Dr Guy Skinner a Melbourne based obstetrician about his experience of pain relief during labour and the incidence of post natal depression.



It is one of the more common causes of babies being delivered before they’re due and it can strike almost any pregnant woman but is made more likely if you’re expecting twins, older, or surprisingly if you haven’t been living with the baby’s father for very long.


The Cervix & Pregnancy

Research suggests the most effective means of reducing further cervical failure is to give progesterone (pregnancy hormone) as a supplement. Progesterone can reduce uterine pressure and minimise further changes in the cervix.


Private obstetricians note spike in births among cashed-up couples

The Melbourne-based obstetrician and gynaecologist Guy Skinner and his colleagues observed a more than 15% surge in the number of babies booked to be delivered in private facilities for the first semester of 2021.