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Navigating High-Risk Pregnancy

Expert Insights from Dr. Guy Skinner The term “high-risk pregnancy” has become increasingly prevalent in recent years and whilst the idea of being classified as high-risk during pregnancy may seem daunting, there’s no reason to lose hope.  High-risk pregnancies typically fall into one of two

Role of a Midwife in Private Practice

Many people assume midwives only work in a hospital environment either in labour ward, postnatal care or special care nursery. However, midwives are becoming an integral part of private Obstetric practices. In our practice we feel it is important to provide our patients with the

Pre-pregnancy planning

We often get asked about the value of pre-pregnancy planning.  Many couples find it can be a useful tool for them as it provides an opportunity to work through any health concerns they may.  It provides couples with the chance for a specialist to investigate


Is caused when a milk duct becomes blocked and the milk behind the blockage flows into the surrounding tissue causing inflammation and infection. Frequent contributing factors can be due to your breasts are too full, you have an oversupply of milk, you have large breaks

Placenta Praevia

The placenta provides a growing baby with nutrients, oxygen and produces hormones to support your pregnancy whilst also removing waste the baby produces to the mother’s bloodstream.  The placenta connects to your baby via the umbilical cord. Placenta praevia is when the placenta implants itself

Heartburn and Pregnancy

Burning, stabbing or deep pressure around the chest area are some of the ways pregnant women describe the oesophageal reflux or heartburn they suffer at any stage in their pregnancy.  Reflux is not only caused by the rapidly expanding uterus pushing upwards, but also the

Ligament Pains

Ligament pains are common in pregnancy from 15 – 40 weeks.  It is usually felt as unilateral lower abdominal pains that start suddenly and tend to become worse when moving around with daily activities.  They often will be severe enough to stop you in your

How to lose weight after your pregnancy?

Research suggests Australian women retain up to one third of their pregnancy weight for life.  This is also true for each subsequent pregnancy. It is one of the many challenges a new mother faces, and not necessarily the greatest, but can be the most annoying. 

5 Key Things to Know About Pregnancy

Just found out you’re pregnant? A lot of changes happen to your body during pregnancy. If you’re a bit unsure of what to expect during and after pregnancy read on for some quick and easily digestible information addressing five things we are commonly asked about.