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Role of a Midwife in Private Practice

Many people assume midwives only work in a hospital environment either in labour ward, postnatal care or special care nursery. However, midwives are becoming an integral part of private Obstetric practices. In our practice we feel it is important to provide our patients with the service and experience that a midwife can offer and to assist all patients with their prenatal and post-natal needs.

Many midwives who have worked in public or private hospitals in a variety of midwifery positions have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Having gained their experience working in labour and postnatal wards for the majority of their careers they understand that every woman, and pregnancy, is different.

Midwives are an integral part of managing the process of pregnancy and birth which provides patients with access to a wealth of wonderful support, advice and contacts. Some queries may range from, heartburn relief, pelvic instability, pregnancy bleeding, ligament pain to what do I take into hospital? What can I expect if I need help to breastfeed? What pain relief can I take? Or most importantly being a general sounding board for advice and reassurance.

They are a fountain of knowledge also during your postnatal journey providing advice such as referrals for private lactation consulting, pelvic floor pilates, and sleep routine information with many more tips and advice to assist.

Midwives in some private practices, such as ours, can perform the routine antenatal visits, some scans, organise caesarean sections, book procedures if required and are heavily involved and knowledgeable in the preparation for birth events on the big day. Our midwives always know where I am and will refer to me for any complex issues if they arise. You will get to know and trust the midwives during many months over the visits.

Pregnancy and childbirth may be the most powerful life experience you undergo and reassurance can be vital to feel comfortable and ensure you the best preparation possible.

What do Private Practice Midwives do?

Our midwives are part of our entire practice but they consult within our maternity services program. They are formally trained and have years of work experience and undertake continual education and registration to build a best practice approach. In our practice we believe that the complimentary skills of an obstetrician and midwife are required to provide the best possible care for both mother and baby.

How will the midwives improve my pregnancy and birthing experience?

Our midwives can support patients by providing a wealth of knowledge and experience about what to expect in the hospital and labour ward. What to expect with breastfeeding and what pain relief you may encounter and even down to the smaller things such as what clothing baby and mum will need to take with them to the hospital and labour ward.

What happens if I have a medical problem during my pregnancy, who is this referred to?

Dr Skinner is solely responsible for the care of the mother and baby during pregnancy. So should a situation arise where further medical opinion is required our midwives will ensure Dr Skinner is called. When test results or other doctors are involved in your care these are always reviewed by Dr Skinner regardless of whether you are in the Maternity Plus or Maternity One programs.

If my pregnancy is uncomplicated, why can’t the midwife deliver my baby?

Our midwives are employed by us and not the hospital and therefore their provision of care is founded on the patient and does not extend to the hospital who have their own nursing staff.

How will the obstetrician know about all of the details of my pregnancy if I don’t see them for every visit?

As mentioned previously Dr Skinner reviews all scan and test results and will liaise with other physicians as required in relation to your pregnancy. The structure of our Maternity Plus program means that you do see Dr Skinner regularly throughout the pregnancy ensuring that at each milestone visit he has the required information to discuss your ongoing needs.