What is pregnancy planning?

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This is something we often get asked.  Pregnancy planning can be a useful tool for many couples as it is an opportunity to look at issues or concerns you may have and allow a specialist to explore other issues that can improve your chances of becoming pregnant or improve your pregnancy outcome. Such things as optimising your current health, diet and exercise (now and during pregnancy), along with an opportunity to assess your potential likelihood of fertility success are all part of the pregnancy planning process.

Optimising your general health

Pregnancy planning is an opportunity to meet your specialist obstetrician and his team. The consultation ideally takes place with you and your partner to review any known and possibly unknown pre-existing health concerns and both family’s genetic history.

A key benefit of this session is understanding the screening options available and what is expected in the 1st trimester. You’ll also discuss when events and assessments such as blood tests, ultrasounds, sugar tests, including the early stages of festal assessment, will  take place.  This allows you to have piece of mind as you move forward into your pregnancy journey.

Medical Issues

Many people are not aware of the issues from their past medical history or a present condition that can impact pregnancy. Optimising current conditions can mitigate potential future risks and allow a plan of management to be put into place.  Sometimes other medical specialists may need to be involved and this would be coordinated by your specialist obstetrician

Opportunity for Screening

Both pre-pregnancy and pregnancy screening is available for many conditions that may occur. Sometimes these will be influenced by family history, parental age or other concerns.  The options for common screening techniques for Down’s Syndrome can be explored.

Understanding “The Process”

It can be daunting to know when to make contact for booking your obstetrician and how to choose a hospital and other services. Pregnancy planning is an opportunity to learn how an obstetric specialist’s rooms work to coordinate your care. It can also provide an opportunity to understand the services offered such as the booking process for the hospital, fees, timeframe for appointments, what the difference is between hospitals and which hospital is right for you.

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