Twins and Multiple births – Double trouble or is two better than one?

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Becoming pregnant and having a baby is a very exciting time but when you find out you are pregnant with twins or triplets( identical or non-identical) it can be all of that and somewhat overwhelming.  As a father of identical twin girls I can relate to this!  However, the pregnancy is also something very different to a singleton with highly elevated hormone levels compared to that of a single pregnancy, there are greater risks to the mother and potentially increased complications with the babies depending on the whether the babies have their own placenta or if they share one. I have cared for many twin and multiple pregnancies throughout my career and it is important to understand that there are higher risks with multiple births including prematurity of the baby along with risk of early or long term complications with the child. In most cases you will require more regular monitoring if you have a multiple pregnancy and depending on the babies growth parameters you may deliver the babies early.  As a result, often the method of delivery is also a point for additional discussion with your obstetrician.

There are also lots of post-natal queries you may have regarding feeding, sleeping issues – should they sleep together and if so for how long. Will I need support – the answer is definitely, yes.  Every pregnancy is different and every child is different and this is very much the same with multiples so remember there is no right or wrong answer. There are books and resources on line and I have attached a few links you may find useful.

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