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Heartburn and Pregnancy

Burning, stabbing or deep pressure around the chest area are some of the ways pregnant women describe the oesophageal reflux or heartburn they suffer at any stage in their pregnancy.  Reflux is not only caused by the rapidly expanding uterus pushing upwards, but also the hormone called progesterone that relaxes the muscular closure of the top of the stomach.

When severe, many a mum-to-be will sleep sitting upright in bed to avoid the acid burn that is felt when lying flat.  Milk, yoghurt and cream have some calming effect, whilst tomatoes, onions, chilli and carbohydrates tend to exacerbate the symptoms.

Utilising Mylanta, Gaviscon liquids or tablets will further help relieve symptoms.  If these are required more than twice per day, then taking Vanitidine (ZANTAC) tablets as a preventative treatment is a much better option.  Tablets that are more powerful than Zantac are available, such as Rabeprazole (pariet) which will most likely cure your reflux symptoms.

If your symptoms are not subsiding, please contact our rooms for further advice or learn about our maternity programs here.

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