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5 Key Things to Know About Pregnancy

Just found out you’re pregnant? A lot of changes happen to your body during pregnancy. If you’re a bit unsure of what to expect during and after pregnancy read on for some quick and easily digestible information addressing five things we are commonly asked about.

  • How tired you will become – the overwhelming tiredness catches many first-time mum’s by surprise. As a general rule tiredness will be felt from 6 weeks of pregnancy until 6 months post birth!
  • Managing nausea during pregnancy – this is easier said than done! Nausea is most prevalent in the first 6 – 14 weeks of pregnancy. Unfortunately for some women it can continue throughout the pregnancy especially for those who have a twin pregnancy. Keep up your fluids, try and eat small meals, rest, try ginger products. If the nausea and vomiting become untenable speak to your obstetrician.
  • What foods or medications are safe in pregnancy – everything you ate or medications you took prior to being pregnant you may now need to think about. The main issues, particularly in winter, are around headache medication (no aspirin) and nothing with Pseudoephedrine in it, e.g. cold and flu tablets. Some people think natural is better, but this is not always the case. Please check with your obstetrician about vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • Bleeding during early pregnancy – this is very common. Approximately 50% of all pregnancies may have some small bleeding or early spotting. Always call your obstetrician for guidance. Whilst it can be frightening it is just symptomatic of pregnancy.
  • Post birth – at our postnatal visit many women with a toddler realise how tired they are with a baby and a small child. The demands of a toddler are often far greater than that of a newborn. Many mums do forgo their own needs – such as getting sleep and some gentle exercise.

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