An Accredited Obstetrician for Collingwood Families

With a new addition to the family, you want to rest assured that each step of your baby’s journey is safe. Peace of mind is imperative during this new part of your life, and that’s what Dr Skinner aims to provide.

Dr Guy Skinner is a private obstetrician inviting new mothers in Collingwood to visit his practice for care. With gynaecological services and pre and post-natal treatment available, Dr Skinner’s is able to provide a range of care, and has experience in twins and high risk pregnancies. If you are looking for premium care and specialist guidance every step of the way, Dr Skinner is available.

Maternity care from an experienced obstetrician

Dr Skinner’s location at St Vincent’s Private Hospital enables him more ready access to specialty resources and care for his patients. This also means he is able to offer luxury care after delivery. Following an uncomplicated delivery, mum and baby are transported to the Park Hyatt Hotel in Melbourne, where they are given quality care throughout their stay. Dr Skinner visits all of his patients, allowing for time for mum to relax and recuperate, whilst enjoying those first precious days with her newborn.

As one of Melbourne’s specialist obstetricians and gynaecologists, Dr Skinner has cared for more than 10,000 babies across the city as well as overseas, giving him a wealth of knowledge and experience. His care for each patient he attends to means each mother receives personalised attention, helping a smoother process and easier recovery.

Postnatal care for mum and baby

If you are interested in one of our maternity packages or about discussing other gynaecological services, contact Dr Skinner’s team today. We have packages to suit low and high risk pregnancies and welcome first time mothers to enjoy premium, private care during this journey. For more information on packages and Dr Skinner’s specialties, contact us on (03) 9417 0147.