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The placenta provides a growing baby with nutrients, oxygen and produces hormones to support your pregnancy whilst also removing waste the baby produces to the mother’s bloodstream.  The placenta connects to your baby via the umbilical cord. Placenta praevia is when the placenta implants itself at the base of the uterus or near the entrance […]

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Burning, stabbing or deep pressure around the chest area are some of the ways pregnant women describe the oesophageal reflux or heartburn they suffer at any stage in their pregnancy.  Reflux is not only caused by the rapidly expanding uterus pushing upwards, but also the hormone called progesterone that relaxes the muscular closure of the […]

ligament pain in pregnancy

Ligament pains are common in pregnancy from 15 – 40 weeks.  It is usually felt as unilateral lower abdominal pains that start suddenly and tend to become worse when moving around with daily activities.  They often will be severe enough to stop you in your tracks and cause you to bend over. Sometimes the pain […]

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Research suggests Australian women retain up to one third of their pregnancy weight for life.  This is also true for each subsequent pregnancy. It is one of the many challenges a new mother faces, and not necessarily the greatest, but can be the most annoying.  There is a way forward but like any weight loss […]

Pregnant woman with her husband

Just found out you’re pregnant? A lot of changes happen to your body during pregnancy. If you’re a bit unsure of what to expect during and after pregnancy read on for some quick and easily digestible information addressing five things we are commonly asked about. How tired you will become – the overwhelming tiredness catches […]

Pregnant Woman watching her ultrasounds test report

Making the decision to have a family is exciting and choosing an obstetrician that you can trust to guide and care for you throughout your pregnancy and assist you in the delivery of your baby is key to ensuring a safe and happy pregnancy and birth. This is never an easy decision, and one that […]

Pregnancy ultrasounds report

Ultrasounds are performed during pregnancy generally at key stages of a baby’s development. The first scan will be at your first visit with your Obstetrician in their rooms when the baby is between 7 – 10 weeks gestation. This scan is usually to help your obstetrician confirm your due dates for delivery, how many babies […]

Pregnancy test

Firstly, celebrate, this is a wonderful and very exciting time in you and your partners life. Ensure you have started taking pregnancy folate tablets, these can be purchased from a chemist and will start to build your reserves for the growth needs of your baby.  Remove any alcohol from you diet and if concerned about […]

Newborn baby with mother

You may have heard of a caesarean section (or c-section) before. Your mother may have had one, or maybe you or your partner expect to have one. But there is a lot that most people don’t know about this surgery, and a lot that might inform you in the future. Read on for Dr Skinner’s […]

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Hyperemesis Gravidarum is one of the most debilitating issues that can affect you during your pregnancy. It can occur at any stage but most commonly occurs during the first trimesters. For 90% of women, it disappears by 14 weeks gestation, and only occasionally is relentless throughout the pregnancy. It occurs more frequently in the evenings […]