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This is something we often get asked.  Pregnancy planning can be a useful tool for many couples as it is an opportunity to look at issues or concerns you may have and allow a specialist to explore other issues that can improve your chances of becoming pregnant or improve your pregnancy outcome. Such things as […]

In a sea of information, it is easy to drown in mixed information about the “essential “and “necessary” intake of foods and vitamin products being pushed in front of you, even from the pre-pregnancy stage. Few elements have been consistently found in high quality research to benefit the unborn child of which folic acid is […]

The umbilical cord provides for all of the transport of oxygen and nutrients to your baby, from 5 weeks gestation, until the time it is cut after delivery. The baby’s blood is much more concentrated whilst in utero and progressively dilutes in the first days after birth as a normal process once it is breathing […]

Such a wonderful part of your pregnancy is the interaction you have with your baby’s movements. It helps you to bond and understand how busy they can be even before they’re born, but every baby will be felt differently.  When will I first feel my baby moving? The baby’s movements are actually first felt between […]

Non-invasive prenatal screening (N.I.PS test) has been available to Australian women through their Private Obstetrician for more than three years and has revolutionised the way to screen for conditions such as Down’s Syndrome.  The test was initially processed in California for a fee of nearly $2000 per sample.  Now the test is completely processed here […]

Exercising during pregnancy is a very healthy means of maintaining overall wellbeing. I have had some patients who are extreme or elite athletes and more often than not they do need to cut back on exercise from their pre-pregnancy exercise routine. You also don’t want to forget the toll pregnancy will take on the mother’s […]

Becoming pregnant and having a baby is a very exciting time but when you find out you are pregnant with twins or triplets( identical or non-identical) it can be all of that and somewhat overwhelming.  As a father of identical twin girls I can relate to this!  However, the pregnancy is also something very different […]

I often get asked, “what supplements or vitamins should I take prior to becoming pregnant – possibly to improve the chances of becoming pregnant, or what is best for me and my baby during pregnancy?” For most women a healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables (preference for green leafy vegetables), some lean meat (chicken […]