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I see in my practice much anxiety and depression in both pre and post birth.  Mental health issues are often unfortunately put in the closet. This may be because of outward fear or rejection of having issues, shame and fear of change in relationships or status as a coping and capable person.  Untreated, there is […]

Our consulting suites are located on level 1 at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, overlooking the city.  Our easy access to public transport and proximity to the city is one of the many benefits for our patients. In addition, there are many lesser known but more important reasons for our patients to have their baby at […]

What You Need to Know About Pre-Eclampsia   What is pre-eclampsia? Pre-eclampsia is a serious complication in pregnancy that rarely occurs before 20 weeks gestation, and more commonly occurs late in pregnancy.  It represents a severe reaction between the placenta and the mother, resulting in potential issues for both the mother and the baby. How […]

CMV (Cytomegalovirus) and pregnancy By Dr Guy SKinner   CMV is the most common damaging infection in pregnancy.  Many people are fearful of the risk of Listeria from contaminated food during their pregnancy, but this is actually a rare problem in pregnancy. CMV however, is often the hidden cause of significant morbidity in new-borns and […]

Having worked as a midwife for more than 25 years in labour and postnatal wards, special care nursery and now private practice means my experience and knowledge about what to expect from the birthing process through to the first 6 weeks post-delivery is very detailed. My first recommendation is not to have too high an […]

Whilst the media and marketing machines of large companies have an obsession with trying to get pregnant women to consume their vitamin products, it is the poorer cousins, the minerals, that often get forgotten. We regularly see iron and calcium deficiency through the course of pregnancy and the postnatal period, which is why we thought […]

Endometriosis is one of the more common issues for women in the fertile age range, and while many women may be unaware of its presence, conversely, women who have had it diagnosed are often very concerned for its future impact.  Endometriosis is a condition where the glands that normally line the internal cavity of the […]

Fibroids are one of the most common gynaecologic problems we see frequently cause issues in pregnancy. Up to 40% of women in the fertile age range have fibroids, being even more frequent in some Asian and African women. Before becoming pregnant, many women will not be aware that their uterus contains fibroids – unless they […]

A commonly used term I hear far more often is ‘high risk pregnancy’. A pregnancy can be described as high risk as a result of pre-existing problems before the pregnancy, or from problems arising during the course of the pregnancy. It commonly relates to issues with the mother’s health, but may be related to the […]

Many people assume midwives only work in a hospital environment, either in labour wards, postnatal care or special care nurseries. However, midwives are becoming an integral part of private obstetric practices. In our practice we feel it is important to provide our patients with the service and experience that a midwife can offer and to […]